What People Are Saying


About Wish You Were Here:

“I have loved this precious book…I have laughed and cried and said ‘Amen’ so many times through these letters. I have been so encouraged. Thank you!” – R.R.

“Just received my copy in today’s mail!! I’ve laughed and cried (tears of joy, hope, promise, grace, mercy,…) and I’m only on page 25! Thank you, Camille, for sharing your love of Christ through your gift of writing. This book will bless all who read.” – D. Winters

“Very enjoyable read. Totally different than her previous fictions. I especially love how Camille was completely driven by God’s Holy Spirit in these short stories. Thank you for the laughter and the whispers of encouragement…” – Trish


About Bethel Road:

“Comfortably well-off, more in love than ever with her husband of many years, enjoying the challenges of raising three teenagers – Kathy Parks realizes that something is still missing from her life. What does it mean to be HOME? Full of down-to-earth characters, gentle humor, and love, Bethel Road manages to depict a confusing, often difficult journey with honesty and grace. Kendall’s story is deceptively simple – I found myself chewing over the themes and emotions in Bethel Road long after the time it took me to read. I look forward to more from this author.” – E. Pritzel

“Don’t be fooled by the sunny and simple early chapters of this book. The ending will whack you in the chest, and that’s a good thing because it will make you re-think your assumptions about what and where is HOME.” – J. McMillan

“Read Bethel Road again this week. This one definitely passes the reread test–it is as good, if not better, as the first time reading it!” – W.B.

“I loved the memories of the food, smells, people, and places. A real family, a real ghost – or is she?, and a terrible problem that ends unexpectedly, rippling with life…I couldn’t stop reading – had to finish it!” – A. Stricklin


About Slow Sun Rising:

“Rarely do I pick up a book and finish it in one sitting, but this one I couldn’t put down and stayed up until 2:00 am to finish. Not because of the suspense, but because the author reeled me into the heart of Jenna Taylor. Camille Kendall’s characters are so authentic, I feel like I could drive down the road to the fictional town of Chesterfield and enjoy Barbara’s chicken pie or Bidi’s hot lemonade.” – R. Bumpas

“On the surface, I found myself drawn to the rural Tennessee setting and the compelling characters. Both were not only believable, but almost real to me as a resident of a nearby area…Beyond the surface, Camille Kendall knows a thing or two about deeper, broader themes. Themes such as loving others without expecting anything in return. About forgiveness. About letting go. And about hope. I found myself thinking about these themes for days after I had finished the book.” – J. Hinton

“This was my 1st download on my tablet. I loved the story and especially the setting. I finished it wanting more chapters and am hoping there might be a sequel. The recipes at the end are a nice touch. What next Camille Kendall?” – S. Walther

“I laughed. I cried. I LOVED it! I highly recommend this book. I couldn’t put it down. I can’t wait until her next book!” – B. Randolph

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