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Wish You Were Here

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Some people seem to have it all together:  beautiful bodies, beautiful marriages, beautiful children, beautiful homes, beautiful lives. I am not one of those people. My pants are too tight, my marriage is stressed, and my closets are a disaster.

But the truth is, whether you look like you have everything together or not, life is messy. And it is hard. If you are struggling in the trenches with muck up to your eyeballs, Welcome! I have mud on my boots, too.

Wish You Were Here: Letters From the Foot of the Cross explores the practical implications of the gospel for the nitty-gritty business of life. From fender benders to mashed potatoes and gravy, this compilation of posts from The Hurricane Report will help you discover how Christ provides grace, strength, and joy for each day.

Pour yourself a cup of coffee and take time to read a letter from a friend – I think you will be encouraged!

– Camille

Wish You Were Here:  Letters From the Foot of the Cross can be purchased at by clicking HERE, or at Barnes&Noble by clicking HERE.




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Jenna Taylor lives a postcard perfect life in the suburbs with her husband Mark and their two little girls, Maggie and Dora. But when Mark is shot one evening outside a Memphis strip club, Jenna’s world is blown to pieces.

Forced by a shrinking bank account to accept her mother-in-law’s offer of a free place to live, Jenna packs up and moves her young family to rural Tatum County. Here, Jenna must rely on Mark’s less-than-welcoming family as she struggles to make sense of life in the midst of tragedy. But will Jenna be able to put her life back together and start over?

Slow Sun Rising is a story of resurrection, of letting go of the deadness of a self-centered heart to make room for loving others, of grieving the dead while learning to embrace the living.

Slow Sun Rising can be purchased in either Kindle or paperback format at by clicking HERE, or in paperback at Barnes & Noble by clicking HERE. Or, if you live in Obion County, Tennessee, copies are available at Lanzer’s in downtown Union City.




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Kathy Parks has spent her entire married life moving from house to house with her contractor husband Ron and their three children. Suddenly, she doesn’t want to live in just another nice house:  she wants a home, a place where she can put down roots.

A wrong turn on a winding country road leads Kathy to her dream house, but will she be able to convince Ron that the house on Bethel Road should be their last house? And Kathy wonders:  should she tell Ron about the ghost in the downstairs bedroom?

In Bethel Road, author Camille Kendall invites readers back to Tatum County to discover how people and places, the past and the present, hope and disappointment work together to lead one woman along the path to a place she can truly call “home” forever.

Bethel Road can be purchased by clicking HERE or on the image above.

3 Responses to Camille’s Books

  1. Larry and Sue "Culp" Ravn says:

    Camille (and cousin Steve), My husband Larry and me each just completed reading your book, “Slow Sun Rising” and we both just thoroughly enjoyed it and cannot wait for your next book, “Bethel Road” to come out! Since moving to Iowa from Obion County, homesickness hits me pretty heavily at times….reading “Slow Sun Rising” was a HUGE thrill for both of us, not only because of the familiar places (Jackson…Jackson-Madison County General Hospital) and things (blackberry bushes, etc.). We love both of you guys and it is an honor to have such a talented author in our family. Huga, Sue “Culp” Ravn

  2. Larry and Sue "Culp" Ravn says:

    oops…forgot the most important part LOL….We loved your book because of the familiar places and things in it; however, the story line was just outstanding. Neither of could put the book down once we started reading it! Sue

    • cskendall says:

      Sue, I am so glad ya’ll enjoyed the first book – I had a lot of fun writing it. Yes, I love the hills of West Tennessee, too, and I’m glad “Slow Sun Rising” allowed you to come home for a visit, so to speak!

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