photo by James Walther

I’ve been away from writing for too long.

A new job – need any lab work done? Pass me a needle and I’ll draw your blood.

A house full of crazy – we went from a big house occupied by two quiet people, to a now-it-doesn’t-seem-big-at-all house occupied by eight people (more on the weekends), including two active, noisy preschoolers!

My upstairs writing sanctuary has been conscripted by a young family (a few of my favorite people in the world, BTW), and my calendar hijacked by a nine-to-five and daily evening meal preparation for a small army.

Up each morning before 5:00, the old gray matter turns into mush long before the house quiets down at the end of the day. It’s been a struggle to produce one weekly newspaper article, and I’ve posted only haphazardly at the blog. Marketing for the most recently completed book has been nil, and the latest manuscript has lain dormant since new-job orientation the end of July.

Knowing that life will continue at this hectic pace for the foreseeable future, I have difficulty even trying to write. Ten free minutes? Why bother sitting down at the keyboard!

After an extended period of not writing, it is so hard to begin to write again. The first step is the hardest.


Not on the schedule to work at the hospital – yay!

The house is a disaster, but I’ve kinda gotten used to it. The mess…it’ll keep.

I went to the library – an oasis of quiet, free of distractions – and I powered up the computer. I only had time to compose and email one query, but it’s a start. A new beginning. And suddenly, I am excited about writing again.

I’m ready to dust off that long-neglected manuscript. Finally!

It’s about time.

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