“Help! I need ideas! What can I write about this week?!” This is a lament heard not infrequently at my house.

I write a weekly newspaper article and guest blogs for various websites. I try to share something here at the website each week and to post twice on my personal blog, The Hurricane Report. On rare occasions, I am assigned a topic about which to write. Usually, I must generate my own ideas.

Unfortunately, the well of inspiration sometimes runs dry.

* * *

My daughter prays about everything. Everything.

If she has a presentation to make at school, she prays that her hair will look fabulous…because feeling good about her hair gives her more self-confidence, and self-confidence makes her a better speaker.

If she loses her car keys in Walmart, she prays. “I don’t know where the heck I’ve dropped my keys, but God knows!”

If she’s shopping for a special outfit for a social engagement, she prays about that, too. Maybe that’s why the girl is the absolute QUEEN of The Unbelievable Bargain.

Me, I pray for the souls of my children, for friends going through trials, and about finances. I pray for opportunities to share the gospel, for God to expose sin in my heart and grant me repentance, for greater faith and assurance.

I pray about the “little things,” too – just not as often, as freely, or as quickly as my daughter does. “Mom, it’s all ‘little’ to God,” she reminds me. “And it’s all ‘big.’ Pray about ALL of it. Everything.”

I’m learning. Slowly.

“Little” prayers God has answered this week: a visual aid for a children’s message at church; a bathing suit for a trip to the beach, and He added an umbrella and beach chairs, because God is super awesome like that (He often answers bigger than I pray); endurance over a crazy-hectic weekend (no sleep for two days, which is hard on this old mare!); scheduling issues re. a part-time job.

I have written here before about the importance of praying when it comes to writing. (See Now I Sit Me Down to Write…) Praying about my writing is not something new. But…

Sometimes I forget to pray about the little things. Like, “What can I write about today? What can I write about right now?”

After I got the youngest out the door and on her way to work this morning, I headed to the porch swing…my favorite place to pray. “Father, I need to come up with at least one article and a blog post today, and I’d really like to write something over at the website, too. I need your help. Any ideas?”

I waited. And listened. And waited some more.

And the ideas came.

* * *

Prayer, to the Christian, is like breathing.

Don’t ever stop.

Take everything to God.

Nothing’s too small. Nothing’s too big.

Pray about ALL of it.


My favorite seat in the house, and it’s not just for swinging…

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