I described in an earlier post how, following the pros’ advice to have a designated space set aside especially for writing, I created a nifty writing spot in the now-clean boys’ room upstairs. (All my “boys” are men and have moved out of the house. We only use the room as a bedroom when we have overnight guests.)

Well, in addition to writing, I also use my “office” for video conferences. The room stays clean and is removed from the general household activity downstairs, and I can close the door. Obvious location for online face-to-face chats.

I had a meeting this morning at 10:00. I carried my laptop up at 9:40 – always want to be prepared ahead of time – and then came back down to talk to my daughter a few minutes about what her day was going to look like.

Where DOES the time go?!

“It’s 9:57!” I headed back up the stairs. Realized I had not carried my mouse up earlier. Quick run down and back up again.

Then I realized I had forgotten a book I wanted to reference during the meeting. Very quick run down and back up again.

I had forgotten my notepad for taking notes at the meeting. The pad was back downstairs in the kitchen. Forget the notepad – I’d scrounge a piece of scrap paper off my writing table.

I tried to log in for my meeting. “Invalid password.” Ergh! How does the saying go…”Haste makes waste”? Reentered my password. “Invalid password.” ERGH!

I knew I was typing the correct password. I entered the password again, using only my index finger, careful to hit exactly the right key with each stroke. “Invalid password.” What on earth was I doing wrong?! Afraid that I would be locked out of the site, I ran back downstairs to retrieve the notepad where I had recorded my password. I RAN.

Upstairs again, breathless and flushed, I settled into my seat. Oh. I’d had one character of my password incorrect. Reentered the password. “Invalid password. One more incorrect attempt and you will be locked out of this account.” Good google-y moogle-y!

I typed the password one more time (PLEASE, Lord…) and hit Enter. I was in. (Thank you, Jesus!) I glanced at the clock: only three minutes late.

I logged into the website. “Begin session?” I clicked “Begin session.”

No video feed.

I typed a message in the chat box: “I’m here. Experiencing technical difficulty. Am going to log out and log in again.” (Should be a breeze, now that I knew my correct password by heart.)

Out, in, “Begin session.” Still no video feed.


Where, oh, where, oh, where was my camera?!!!  (I have a detachable camera for my laptop…maybe I’ll explain why in a later post.) Where was the camera? Downstairs!

I bolted back downstairs, back up again, plugged in the device. Red-faced, wild-eyed, and out of breath, I finally made the connection.

“Hello! How are you this morning?”

“Hello. I’m doing GREAT. How about you?”

Writing may sound like a rather sedentary activity. Yeah, right.

If you feel like you need more physical activity in your writing day, let me make a suggestion: spread the materials you need all over the house, preferably on a different floor of the house from the one on which you work.

DON’T need the extra exercise? Well, then, let me suggest: when you think you’ve planned and prepared ahead, check to make sure you that actually have!

Between running up and down the stairs this morning and working in the yard this afternoon, I got my exercise for today. How about you?

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