Today is a wash for me as far as writing goes…doesn’t look like I’m going to make it upstairs to tackle my 3-hours-or-1,000-words-a-day goal. I told my daughter this morning, “I am a constipated writer.” All these words inside my head that need to come out cause me physical discomfort.

You know what’s especially distressing? With appointments in and appointments out tomorrow, it doesn’t look like I’ll have time to write Wednesday, either. If you hear a gooshy loud BANG! west of Troy, that’ll be me exploding.

Since I knew I would not have an uninterrupted chunk of time to work at the keyboard today, I decided to make use of the leftover bits and pieces of time to knock out odd household chores. (Today, I almost finished cleaning out the closet under the stairs!)

When my daughter walked in from work this afternoon, she asked, “Did you have a productive day today?”

“No!” I fussed. I knew she meant, “Did you have a productive day writing?” and I had most definitely NOT had a productive day writing.

But I thought a moment and then changed my answer.

“Yes. Yes, I had a productive day today. I took Dad to the car rental place,and I stopped by the library, and I walked at the park with a friend, and I cleaned the closet, and I washed the sheets, and I organized a music folder, and I visited Grammy, and…”

Since I couldn’t do something BIG (write a thousand words), I did something small¬†instead. Then I did another small thing. And another.

Those small things added up. Turns out, although I did not have a big chunk of time to work on my manuscript, today was VERY productive…and it’s not over yet!

I need to go do another small thing now: it’s time to cook dinner. Maybe after dinner, if my brain will wake up (for me, writing this late in the day usually amounts to staring at a blank screen with glazed Kylie eyes)…maybe if I get a second wind, I will write this evening.

If not, I’m sure I can find another small task to check off the ToDo list. I’m cool with that. Small things add up.

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