“Do what you would love to be able to do some day.” – Douglas Wilson, Wordsmithy: Hot Tips for the Writing Life

When I post here at the website, I usually try to share something related to my life as a writer. (For random musings on life in general, check out my blog: The Hurricane Report.) I am finding, however, that much about writing applies to more than just the writing life.

Douglas Wilson’s little book Wordsmithy is a great, fun-to-read manual for writers. But more than that, it is a book about life, about improving the quality of one’s life, about life well-lived. While Wilson’s particular applications are to writing, the principles he outlines are valuable regardless of one’s vocation.

“Do what you would love to be able to do some day.”

Don’t daydream about it. Don’t chronicle your why-nots and if-onlys. Don’t procrastinate. DO.

What does that look like for me? Well, I would like to be a writer some day…as in literary agent, major book deal, promotional tours, more-than-negligible income, etc. So today, I write.

Today, I am a writer, because if I am not a writer today, I sure as heck will not be a writer tomorrow. If I don’t write today, “some day” will never happen.

“Do what you would love to be able to do some day.”

My youngest daughter wants to work in the agriculture industry. Her dream is to have a small herd of beef cattle of her own one day. She is studying animal husbandry at our local university. She attends beef cattle management workshops and seminars. She grills local farmers and volunteers to help when they work their cattle.

Helen does not own one single cow, but she thinks like a beef farmer: she is getting ready for “some day.”

“Do what you would love to be able to do some day.”

What about you? What would you love to be able to do? What can you do today to get ready for “some day”?

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