I woke up today with this thought running through my head: “How do I consistently live out this faith? What does it even look like to live each moment of this life with a kingdom perspective?”

Just when I think, “I’ve got it figure out!” – ummm, nope. Seems I have to keep going back to the same simple lessons over and over again.

God is sovereign; God is good; God loves me very much. These truths must inform and shape my relationships, my worship,my prayers, my thought life, my work, my recreation, my conversations, my finances, my everything.

Learning to translate faith into practice will, I think, take a lifetime.

As we were driving to the coffee shop in pursuit of fast, reliable internet this evening, my youngest shared wisdom beyond her years: “Every day, whatever the day’s struggles or issues, I think God is teaching me the same lesson, and that is: God is sufficient.”

I want to live every moment of every day with conscious awareness of this truth: God is sufficient.

God is sufficient.

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