The older I get…

  • …the more I appreciate my family.
  • …the more I cherish intimate friendships.
  • …the more I value prayer.
  • …the more I yearn for Glory.
  • …the more solid I feel – and I don’t mean just physically!
  • …the more I want to dance.
  • …the less I care about appearances/protocol.
  • …the less I desire stuff.
  • …the less hesitant I am to verbalize my thoughts.
  • …the less fearful I am about trying new things.
  • …the less likely I am to remember your name if I’ve just recently met you. (Thankfully, I am also less embarrassed about being forgetful, so I will ask you your name again!)
  • …the less I desire success and the more I desire contentment.

What about you? How have you changed over the years?

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