Things are not always what they seem.

One year for his birthday, my brother – a practical joker – baked himself a birthday cake. He took his culinary masterpiece to work and left it in the break room to share with co-workers.

For his birthday that year, David baked a red velvet cake and frosted it with cream cheese icing. Except, the red velvet “cake” was actually cornbread, and the cream cheese “frosting” was mashed potatoes.

Can you imagine having your mouth all set for red velvet cake, then chomping down on a forkful of cornbread and mashed potatoes? Blech!

We’ve probably all had the experience of finding out that something is very different from what we anticipated. The movie that does not match the description on the back of the DVD case. The book whose cover illustration is completely unrelated to the story inside. The party you did not want to attend, but where you ended up making delightful new friends. The sweet, white-haired lady who greets church visitors with a bright smile on Sunday morning, but who spreads malicious gossip every other day of the week. The purring cat that bites you when you try to pet her…

Things are not always what they seem.

Tell me, Reader: What big “surprises” have you experienced?



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