No, it is not snowing here in Northwest Tennessee today. This picture was taken a couple of years ago.

I love this picture for several reasons:

  • I love the girl in the red coat.
  • I love the way snow is ALWAYS an invitation to play.
  • I love how play has no age limit.
  • I love how the best play flows outward from a mind and a heart that are unfettered, uncluttered, unhurried.

Helen and I were talking about play today. More specifically, about creative play. I think that one of the sad side-effects of today’s mind-stimulating electronic “play” is that it eliminates the dull down time – the prolonged boredom, if you will – that is often needed for creativity to flourish.

If I can be quickly and easily entertained by something outside myself, with minimal effort, why invest the time and mental energy needed to find diversion within myself, in my own mind, with my own abilities and resources?

I know that as a writer, when I stay busy-busy-busy with chores and errands in town and movie night with the kids and coffee with the girls, etc., my mind is robbed of the internal space and quiet it needs in order to create new worlds of its own.

Busyness – whether for work or for play – strangles creativity.

I love the picture at the top of this post because it represents a moment of simple, quiet, unrushed creativity.

I need more such moments in my own life.

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