A friend recently suggested that, now that my youngest has graduated from homeschool and is attending college, I should go back to college, too, and finish my degree.


I don’t want a college degree for the sake of a degree. A fancy piece of embossed paper on the wall means absolutely nothing to me.

I don’t want a college degree for the sake of a career. Fifty-three seems a little old to be making plans to begin a fabulous new professional life.

Besides, what would I major in?

I have almost four years’ worth of college credit. I pursued a pre-med track for a couple of years (lots of chemistry and biology); I completed an associate’s degree in pre-engineering (lots of calculus and physics – blergh!); I studied human ecology for a spell.

What can I say? Things got kind of mixed up. My husband and I moved around a lot during the early years of our marriage. We never stayed in one place long enough for me to complete degree requirements at any one university.

Anyway, all of those classes add up to a big fat NOTHING as far as a 4-year college degree is concerned. What’s more, after 30-something years, most of those classes are no longer valid toward any kind of degree – they’ve passed their “expiration date.” And can I let you in on a little secret? There is no way in hell I am going back and repeating Calculus 3, Differential Equations, and Organic Chemistry after 30+ years out of the classroom!

Still, a couple of college classes DO sound tempting. I’d really like to take a class in philosophy, and one in ethics. A class in horticulture, and one in dendrology. A class in animal science, and one in apiology. I would like to learn a little bit of Japanese and a little German, and how to repair small engines. Public speaking and interpretive dance. How to throw clay.

But something tells me…if I could take all the classes I really want to take, I still wouldn’t be able to meld them into any kind of university-recognized college degree. Besides, a degree isn’t the point. At this stage of life, if I take college classes, I will do it for fun. Because, learning is fun. Because, life is so incredibly interesting.

What about you? If you went back to school, and you could enroll in any class you wanted, what would YOU study?

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