My 18-year-old daughter decided her frumpy, middle-aged mother needed something to jazz up her wardrobe. When she found these boots on Clearance, Helen (aka, Queen of Bargain Shopping) took matters into her own hands.

Okay, I realize the rest of my outfit doesn’t “go” with fancy red cowboy boots. But, hey, I had just finished mopping the floors when Helen walked in and insisted, “Mom! Try these on!” Don’t worry: I’ll put on a pair of jeans before I wear these bad boys out in public.

I LOVE THESE BOOTS. They fill a primordial longing in my soul…

When I was a girl, my younger sister and I each received a pair of boots from a family friend, a fellow who also happened to be a cowboy. Now, let me explain here at the front end: Suzanne was not a bona fide cowgirl. Sure, she loved animals, but she never contracted horse fever like I did. I loved everything about horses, from riding bareback through the fields, to mucking out stalls and cleaning tack.

About those boots, though, the ones from our cowboy friend…

Suzanne was gifted with a pair of snazzy, pointy-toed, high-heeled (by young-girl standards) cowboy boots. Shoot, with a pair of tight jeans and a long-sleeved snap-up plaid shirt, she’d have been fit to ride alongside Roy Rogers or Gene Autry.

Me? I was gifted with a pair of brown leather dingo boots. Nothing flashy about them. They looked like work boots, not cowboy boots. How boring! Can I be disgustingly honest with you? Young Me was not appreciative.

Funny thing is, I found out my dingo boots trumped Suzanne’s flashy cowboy boots, and I wouldn’t have traded boots with her for the world. Those dingoes were tough, comfortable, and they cleaned up well. I wore them in the field, in the barn lot, out riding horses, even to school. They lasted throughout my high school years and on into college.

I guess our cowboy friend knew which girl needed the dingoes, and which girl needed something more fashionable. But still…

What girl who loves horses hasn’t wished for a sharp-looking pair of pointy-toed leather boots?

And RED – why, that’s my favorite color!


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