Grandbaby #6 was due to arrive yesterday. Today, still no serious contractions, and it looks like it might be another week until we get to meet this newest addition to the family.

Thankfully, my daughter is content to wait patiently and let things take their course. She is tired of being immensely pregnant, but she feels no pressure to hurry things along. She truly believes that God knows exactly when things need to gear up for baby’s arrival, and she is content to wait.

What does this have to do with writing (or with life in general)?

When you imagine the life of a writer, maybe you picture a bespectacled person curled up on the sofa, wearing pajamas and drinking hot chocolate while tapping away on a laptop. Wouldn’t it be great to work from home while royalty payments are electronically deposited into your bank account?

Maybe you imagine book signings, radio interviews, talk show appearances, and movie deals. Wouldn’t it be cool to attend the premiere of a movie based on a story you wrote?

Maybe you think about the impact a story or article may have on readers. What a blessing to learn that something you wrote encouraged or challenged or connected in a meaningful way with someone a thousand miles away!

What you might not think about is TIME. Writing a book is a S-L-O-W process. The first draft of a manuscript takes several months to write…maybe even a year. Editing and rewriting, another several months.

Then begins the submission process. That’s where I am right now with my latest manuscript. Query, wait, submit, wait, repeat. Repeat that cycle even a few times, and you find yourself on the threshold of a new year. Seriously? How long is this supposed to take?!

One thing I have learned during my short tenure as a writer: God knows exactly what needs to happen with a particular manuscript or article. He knows who needs to see it and He knows when. In fact, God knows the “when” of every step of the writing and publishing process.

Yes, I want to be a diligent worker, but I need feel no pressure to try to hurry things along during the submission process. Knowing that God is in control, I can be content to wait.

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