You might be a little bit redneck if you have more inoperative vehicles in your driveway than vehicles that run.

Current stats here at Kendallville:

  • 4 inoperative vehicles, parked indefinitely
  • 1 operative sedan (for the Martin commuter)
  • 1 operative sedan (for the Memphis commuter)


  • 1 borrowed truck (temporary transportation for Mom and the chicken)
  • 1 borrowed car (for the Dyersburg commuter)

I suppose if we lived in town, I could expect a codes enforcement official to knock on my door any day now. Thankfully, way out here in the boonies, nobody sees the idle steel carcasses except us and the UPS man.

Maybe one of my offspring should consider opening an automobile salvage yard. I hear it’s a good business!

Now, if we could just keep that pesky skunk out from under the porch…

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