Perhaps it is the weather – gray, rainy, unseasonably warm.

Perhaps it is fatigue – running nonstop too many days in a row.

Perhaps it is a thousand and one irritations – nothing big, just a bunch of minor frustrations, piled up one on top of the other.

Perhaps it is age – Ah! This lovely season of life called Menopause!

Whatever the reason, my brain has been mush lately. Bad, bad, bad news for a writer.

When my brain is mush, I have no difficulty doing active work – sweep the floors, fold the laundry, cook dinner.

However, thinking work – such as writing – is another story. When I feel like the space between my ears is filled with dryer lint, how on earth am I suppose to create?! And compose?! And edit?!

I need help, folks:  what tips do you have for jump-starting a brain?

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