To write?

Or to do every dang thing in the world except write?

That is the question!

I posted recently in praise of Stephen King’s book, On Writing. In the technical section of his book, King stresses the importance of having a specific place for writing – one free of distractions – and of having a regular time set aside to write for several hours each day, every day.

I agree; but when I read King’s advice, I thought, “How on earth does he schedule six hours a day to write?!” He must have someone to clean his house, to shop for groceries and cook meals for his family, to run the kids to school and piano lessons and dental appointments, etc.

I still haven’t figured out how to consistently set aside even three hours a day to write! I do, however, try to take advantage of every possible opportunity to write, and I resist giving up these rare moments to do other things instead.

A friend invited me to join a critique group – it’s a group of six friends who meet monthly to critique each other’s writing and offer one another suggestions and encouragement. I would love to participate. I really would. But, if I add this event to my calendar, I will lose one of my precious few opportunities to write.

Do I write? Or do I choose instead to meet with others and talk about writing? I wish I could do both.

When I reach Stephen-King status and I can afford six to eight hours a day at the computer, when I’m not quite so busy folding laundry, mopping floors, and driving the Mom taxi, maybe then I can drop in on the critique group. For now, though, I will choose to write…every chance I get.

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