A new acquaintance invited us over for a visit so our families could get to know one another better. While our hostess started a pot of coffee, I perused the bookshelves in her living room.

“Look! They have C.S. Lewis! And G.K. Chesterton!” I exclaimed. “And Jane Austen…and J.K. Rowling…”

“Isn’t that rude?” my daughter asked. “Looking over somebody’s bookshelves, isn’t that kind of like getting into their personal stuff?!”

Ummm, nope.

Well, maybe. Perhaps, if the bookshelf is hidden away in the back of the bedroom closet. But not if the shelves are in a more public area like the living room, displaying their contents for everyone to see.

In my opinion, bookshelves an invitation they are an opportunity to get to know a person better.

And in the case of this new acquaintance, I could tell even before the coffee was ready that we were going to be friends.

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