This is a season of transition for me –

From mother of small children…to mother of adult children…to grandmother (awesome!)

From authority figure…to counselor…to friend

From full-time, stay-at-home homeschool mom and homemaker…to part-time homemaker/part-time writer…to, hopefully, full-time writer and speaker

So many significant areas of my life are in flux right now. It’s like living in the surf zone, like walking the turbulent strip of ever-crashing waves between the deep water and the shore.

This is an exciting season:  I am learning so much! I am learning about the wonderful adults my children are becoming, about writing and the writing industry, about myself…

Our culture values youth. You are in your prime in your 20-s, right? After that, it’s all downhill, right?

I disagree.

From where I stand, the 50-s look like the best years yet. Better still, I see wonderful things on the horizon ahead!

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