Super exciting news:  the manuscript for my third book in the Tatum County series is finally complete and currently being edited for publication!

Confessions of a Homeschool Mom tells the story of Carmen Finelli, wife of Ted and homeschool mother of five. Carmen loves her husband, her children, and her life as a homeschool mom. So why, when her kids grow up and begin to leave home, does Carmen find herself wrestling with regret?

If you are a homeschool mom, I think you will love this book:  you will find in Carmen’s story much to which you can relate!

If you are not a homeschool mom, I think you will love this book:  through Carmen’s eyes, you will have a glimpse into the nutty world of homeschooling, and you will be challenged to consider issues and questions relevant to all women, whether they homeschool or not!

Speaking of Carmen Finelli, I’ve been thinking:  What would a job application for a homeschool mom look like?

HELP WANTED:  FULL-TIME COOK – Responsible for planning and preparing three nutritious meals per day, every day, for family of seven. Duties include menu planning, budgeting, grocery shopping, proper food handling and storage, meal preparation, and clean up. Some clients may have special dietary needs or restrictions or unusual food preferences. Occasional event planning and associated food preparation required (birthdays, graduations, weddings, etc.).


HELP WANTED:  FULL-TIME HOUSEKEEPER – Family of seven needs hard-working individual to oversee general household operation and home maintenance. Duties include but are not limited to:  laundry (washing, drying, ironing, mending of family’s clothing); general upkeep (vacuuming, mopping, cleaning bathrooms, etc.); and seasonal maintenance (wash windows, clean gutters, rotate seasonal clothing in attic, etc.). Knowledge of how to maintain and repair household appliances helpful. Experience overseeing and motivating reluctant work crew a plus.


HELP WANTED:  FULL-TIME TEACHER – Applicant should have experience developing lesson plans and preparing lesson materials for multiple grade levels, K-12. Must be able to teach several grade levels simultaneously. Must keep detailed records of attendance, coursework, test scores, etc., and maintain transcripts for individual students. In the event that instruction for a particular subject is delegated to another instructor,  candidate will be responsible for interviewing potential tutors/teachers and for completing all associated paperwork (teaching contracts, financial aid, itemized expenses, etc.) Additional duties include:  selecting and ordering textbooks, purchasing school supplies, organizing and supervising field trips, and administering discipline.

The “Help Wanted” list for a homeschool mom would go on to include…





This little “Help Wanted” exercise got me to thinking…

Being a mom is not a full-time job. It is several full-time jobs, all resting on the shoulders of one extraordinary, hard-working, self-sacrificing woman:  Mom.

(What job titles would YOU add to the above list?!)

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