I welcomed 2016 with a list of personal resolutions, among them:  exercise daily. As a writer, I do most of my work in front of a computer. Sounds like a rather sedentary lifestyle, doesn’t it? I have to be deliberate about stepping away from the keyboard and taking time to move!

Exercise daily. I was already exercising three times a week with friends at a small studio in Troy. On off days, I planned to take a walk back on the farm or swim at the university while my youngest was in class or spend 20 minutes doing yoga in the evening.

I got off to a great start with my “exercise daily” resolution – but then I took a tumble down the back stairs on the way to the chicken house and sprained my wrist badly. Wearing a wrist brace, I found I could not work out with weights with my buddies in Troy, or go swimming, or do very much yoga.

After a run of nasty wintry weather, and I couldn’t even walk back on the farm.

So much for good intentions.

According to an old saying, “Every cloud has a silver lining.” Well, I found a silver lining to my exercise-daily resolution dilemma: Jessica Smith TV!

Jessica Smith is a certified wellness coach, fitness instructor, and personal trainer who encourages small, healthy lifestyle changes. Her workouts are fun, simple, and don’t require any fancy equipment.

I love Jessica’s 10-, 12-, and 15-minute cardio workouts. One of these short workouts gives me a welcomed break from the computer while it gets my body moving and my heart pumping. I also like that Jessica provides modified exercises for those with knee (or wrist!) problems or people who need low-impact instead of high-impact exercise options.

Personal confession:  I don’t change into fitness clothes to do Jessica’s 12-Minute Power Walk or her 10-Minute Total Body Workout. I simply stand up, back away from the computer, hit Play, and start exercising. When I finish a 10- or 12-minute workout, I’m energized and ready to get busy writing again!

By completing two or three short workouts a day, I am meeting my goal of exercising daily and opting out of a sedentary lifestyle.

Yes, I am eager to rejoin the ladies in my exercise class in Troy and to hit the pool at UTM. But in the meantime, while I’m waiting for this wrist to heal, I’ll be working out with Jessica Smith!

(Click HERE for additional workouts by Jessica Smith.)


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