Glamorous Life of a Writer

My youngest and I have spring fever. With at least four more weeks of schoolwork ahead of us, we just want to put away the books RIGHT NOW and devote our time to more appealing pursuits than learning logarithms or analyzing the poetry of William Carlos Williams.

Helen – she wants to spend her day organizing our next country dance and planning which dress to wear to said dance.

Me – I want to write. On the blog, on the website, continue editing Book #2, begin draft of Book #3.

Instead of writing, however, today’s To Do list includes:

Go over Algebra I lesson with Helen. (Check)

Read William Carlos Williams. (Check)

Clean out the chicken house. (Check)

Weed the strawberry beds. (Check)

Tackle the pile of dirty clothes on the laundry room floor. (Check)

Dig up some bedding plants to share with a friend. (Check)

Work on final preparations for a women’s ministry workshop next weekend. (Check)

Dispatch two good-looking roosters that will serve better in the stew pot than in the chicken yard. (Che-  uh, hmmm…I think I’ll let Ben handle this one.)

Laundry, logarithms, and shoveling chicken poo…

Living the good life!

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