First Date Jitters

Hosting a book signing feels rather like showing up at the high school dance without a date. You pull on your best dress, pay extra close attention to your make up, and then pray to God that you won’t spend the entire dance standing on the sidelines while everyone except you finds a partner to sway with under the glittering disco ball.

Yes, book signings can be a little nerve wracking!

Especially for an introvert like me, the girl who frequently spent entire evenings without once being asked to dance.

I was sharing with a fellow writer about the butterflies that seem inevitable going into a book signing – the nervousness, the what-if’s.

I am an adult woman with a wealth of friends and life experiences. I have given birth to and raised seven remarkable children. I cook some mean fried chicken, and I can feed a dinner party of 20 at the drop of a hat. I know how to milk a cow, saddle a horse, and derive the quadratic equation. I have spoken to small groups and to packed auditoriums.

But in spite of all that, I am nervous about a book signing at a tiny coffee shop in the quaint downtown of Martin, Tennessee. This is my first event in Martin, and I have absolutely no idea what to expect. It feels kind of like a first date.

Saturday morning, I will pull on my best dress, pay extra attention to my make-up, drive into Martin with a cartload of books, and hope that someone asks me to dance.

There doesn’t seem to be an age limit to getting the first-date jitters.

(For more info on the book signing, click HERE. Wonderland Books and Games is located at 215 S. Lindell Street, Martin, TN 38237.)

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