Give Something Back

Lisa is a published writer with four books under her belt and a fifth to be released this spring. She is also a motivational speaker who travels to venues all over the United States. And, she is a wife, the mother of two teenagers, and an active member of her church.

Her life is crazy busy.

But in spite of her full calendar, Lisa makes time to sit down with me every couple of months to talk about writing. She reads and critiques my work, makes suggestions on how to improve my craft, and offers marketing advice.

Lisa is giving back.

Even if you are relatively new to the writing business, there is probably someone you now who is even greener than yourself, someone who could use your encouragement and insight. Maybe it’s a friend or neighbor just typing out her first manuscript. Maybe it’s a student at the local high school.

One of the exciting facets of being a writer is the opportunity to help other writers. I recently had the privilege of introducing a fellow writer to a publisher that was looking for just exactly what my friend was producing. I was so excited about connecting my friend to this opportunity that I was bouncing around the house squealing like a little girl. My kids had to tell me, “Calm down, Mom!”

Giving back helps broaden your perspective. It keeps you from getting too narrowly focused on your own little world. Maybe my current project isn’t going very well…but I’m still motivated, because that manuscript that I helped Sam with has been accepted for publication. Woohoo!

Also, giving back stimulates your own creative juices. As you help someone else with their writing – even a child – your own writing becomes stronger. New ideas for articles or stories or blogs come to mind. You begin to see new possibilities for marketing.

Giving back as a writer is a way to express your gratitude for the help and encouragement that others have offered you over the years. And gratitude, my friends, is a very good thing.

Look around and find a way that you can start giving back today!

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