DSC_1488Camille Kendall was born and raised in the hills of Northwest Tennessee where she grew up loving the peculiar personalities and the slow pace of life in the country. She enjoys an evening spent around a crowded kitchen table with family and friends.

Through her writing and speaking, Camille encourages others to celebrate the beauty in everyday life and to look for the extraordinary opportunities that surround us all. In addition to fiction, Camille writes a weekly newspaper column for homeschoolers and blogs regularly about life and faith at  The Hurricane Report. She and her husband Steve have seven children.


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  1. patricia says:

    Hello Camille, My name is Patricia Southerland. I met you at Ridgemont during your visit for 4-H. I received your book Bethel Road for Christmas and I really enjoyed the book. I do have a couple of questions. Do you have a date as to when Ron and Kathy started renovations. Because I do know that the house is no longer there and that it was torn down about 15 years ago. Also do you know if the Salem Missionary Baptist Church is still there? and is it on the same road?

    • cskendall says:

      Hi, Patricia! No, I don’t have a particular date for when Ron and Kathy began renovations. The story is meant to be contemporary, so Kathy’s story is recent, and they found the old house in the spring. The house pictured on the cover of the book was actually part of the inspiration for the story – I loved the beautiful brick Victorian architecture, and wished someone could restore the house and give it new life. It stood on the Obion-Elbridge Road, and was bulldozed shortly after my family moved back to Obion County in 2005. The Salem Missionary Baptist Church in the book is purely fictional, as is Bethel Road itself. I know of a Bethel Church Road here in Obion County, but that was not the setting for Ron and Kathy’s story. I was speaking to a group in Tupelo, MS, last week, and a lady told me there was a Bethel Road near her home – I have learned that there are many actual Bethel Roads across the country! I chose the name Bethel Road for the setting and the title because of it’s meaning. Bethel means “house of God,” and a road is the path along which we travel. Several of the names in Bethel Road have meanings that I think add depth and another layer of meaning to the overall story. I am so glad you enjoyed the book – I had fun writing it!

  2. charlotte Gansereit says:

    Camille, I read your article “Litmus” in yesterday’s paper. I could identify with your situation. I wanted to encourage you to continue praying about the relationship with your friend. I had a dear friend in California. We had a disagreement about a pastor we both knew. She decided to break off our relationship and it broke my heart because I loved her as a dear friend. She also was an older woman and was like a second mother to me. About five years later the Lord brought us back together. Speak about unspeakable joys–that was one. Don’t give up, just leave it with the Lord. Enjoy your column and miss all the BSF women. God bless.

  3. Jo Nell Copeland says:

    I so look forward to your articles in the Messenger paper. Thank you for those articles. My name is Jo Nell Copeland.

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